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Key Personnel

Ami Griba

Ami is assisting technology-based companies in raising R&D incentives from the Innovation Authority and other funding organizations for over two decades. Over the years he has gained a rich and diverse experience in this area.

Micca Kudish

Micca is consulting and coaching new and mature companies in the technological and business management areas for over two decades.
Before that, she served as the CEO of Sapiens Technologies Ltd., where formerly she held various management and development positions. In the course of her work, she developed expertise in all aspects of financial and budgetary management of large-scale projects and with R&D grants of various types.
Micca began her professional career at MAMRAM.

Yossi (Joseph) Kudish

Yossi is consulting and carrying out developmental work for high-tech companies in various technological and methodological areas for over three decades. Before that, he served as the VP for R&D at CAPE Systems Inc.
During his fifteen years-long military service, Yossi held various technical and command positions in the development of complex systems. He was honorably discharged from the Air Force with the rank of lieutenant colonel.
Yossi spent part of his military service at MAMRAM.

Shaul Ferireich

Shaul served for over two decades as the Deputy Chief Scientist of Science and Technology at the Office of the Chief Scientist (now the Innovation Authority).
At the beginning of his tenure at the Office of the Chief Scientist, Shaul served as a Professional Examiner, and before assuming this position, worked as a researcher at the Hebrew University and in the industry in England.

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The amount of money currently allocated to grants constitutes about 25% of the demand for money in the industry.

Over the years, the number of technology-oriented companies in general and those seeking support, in particular, has increased, and thus the competition for grants grows, and the need for high-quality professional guidance increases.

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