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Funding sources

Nowadays numerous sources of R&D funding are available to Israeli companies.  Each has its merits and limitations, which necessitate careful analysis before deciding which funding source should be approached in a given situation.

The better-known funding sources include:

International Activities

In recent years the Government of Israel has signed technological and industrial collaboration agreements with numerous foreign governments. The purpose of these alliances is to leverage the knowledge and the technological and industrial capabilities of local companies, to create fertile ground for the development of new technologies and products, building upon the technological and engineering know-how of the partners, and to leverage the marketing of the developed products.
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The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

For many Israeli companies R&D funds provided by the OCS are an important funding source, being bestowed as conditional loans.  The advantages of this form of R&D funding include:
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