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Who We Are

Behind the name “A.M.Y. Consultants” stand Ami Griba, Micca Kudish, and Yossi (Joseph) Kudish. Each of us has accumulated a rich professional experience and possesses diverse interdisciplinary knowledge.

Our individual areas of expertise are mutually complementary and include intimate acquaintance with the Law for the Encouragement of Industrial R&D – 1984 and its implementation, as well as business management, economics and technology.

Ami Griba

Ami has assisted hi-tech and bio-tech companies seeking R&D funding from the OCS and from other funding bodies for over a decade. Ami fulfilled the role of the head of the budget department at the Office of the Chief Scientist. He has an excellent understanding of the procedures and working processes in the OCS. Over the years he has helped hundreds of companies and has accumulated diverse, valuable experience, which includes precedents and extraordinary cases.

Micca Kudish

For the last three years Micca has served as a coach and consultant to companies which needed her knowledge and experience in technological and business management areas. Before, she served as the managing director of Sapiens Technologies, where in past years she fulfilled various technical and management functions. Micca accumulated vast experience in managing R&D budgets and in the acquisition of R&D funds from various sources. She started her professional career in the IDF MAMRAM computer center.

Yossi (Joseph) Kudish

Yossi has provided technological and methodological consulting to hi-tech companies for over 20 years. Previously, he co-founded CAPE Systems Inc., where he served as the VP for R&D. Yossi was honorably discharged from the IAF with a permanent rank of Lt. Colonel after 15 years of service, most of which he spent developing complex systems. He spent part of his military service at the MAMRAM computer center.

Dr. Shaul Freireich

Shaul served for over two decades as the Deputy Chief Scientist for Science and Technology at the Economy Ministry. In this role he served as a member and as the acting chair of the Research Committee, as a member of the MAGNET program committee, and as the head of the Research Institutes support program. During his early years at the OCS he served as a scientific examiner. Prior to that, Shaul was engaged in research at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and in the industry in UK.