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How we can serve your company

How we can serve your company

  • Building of R&D funding strategic plans for hi-tech and bio-tech companies
  • Identification of optimal R&D incentives sources
  • Assistance in preparation of grant requests
  • Sustained guidance throughout projects’ duration

Funding sources

Nowadays numerous sources of R&D funding are available to Israeli companies.  Each has its merits and limitations, which necessitate careful analysis before deciding which funding source should be approached in a given situation.

The better-known funding sources include:

International Activities

In recent years the Government of Israel has signed technological and industrial collaboration agreements with numerous foreign governments. The purpose of these alliances is to leverage the knowledge and the technological and industrial capabilities of local companies, to create fertile ground for the development of new technologies and products, building upon the technological and engineering know-how of the partners, and to leverage the marketing of the developed products.
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R&D Grant Lifecycle

The lifecycle of a R&D grant has three main phases:

  • Preparation and submission of the funding request.
  • Interim period between submission of the request and its approval by the research committee.
  • Project execution and progress reporting.

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Who We Are

Behind the name “A.M.Y. Consultants” stand Ami Griba, Micca Kudish, and Yossi (Joseph) Kudish. Each of us has accumulated a rich professional experience and possesses diverse interdisciplinary knowledge.

Our individual areas of expertise are mutually complementary and include intimate acquaintance with the Law for the Encouragement of Industrial R&D – 1984 and its implementation, as well as business management, economics and technology. Read more >